To be a leading, global NGO working with marginalized communities to alleviate poverty and mitigate conflict.


To improve the quality of life in marginalized communities using disciplined development and operation of primarily minerals-based commercial enterprises in the context of social, environmental, safety and legal norms.

Strategic Approach:

‘Motor de arranque’ (starter motor): Use disciplined Micro-Mining, Artisanal and Small Mining, generally considered to be non-sustainable activities, to help build a foundation for better, sustainable communities.

Tactical (General):

Boots-on-the-ground: Experienced FSB minerals and business professionals will work directly in the field with leadership from marginalized communities to help create disciplined commercial value using a Social Enterprise Business Model. In cases of undisciplined exploitation of mineral materials FSB will endeavour to create employment alternatives. Experiences will provide data for continuous improvement as well as serve as a foundation for improved institutional policies and governances.

Serve as a portal: FSB will construct and manage a website to host a comprehensive set of information relevant to its Vision and Mission with a particular focus on the relationship between ASM communities, poverty and conflict. FSB will participate in as well as help organize meetings and workshops with peers and stakeholders including ASM communities.

Collaboration: Whenever possible FSB will work closely in collaboration and partnership with organizations, agencies, corporations, peers and individuals to efficiently and equitable realize its Vision and Mission to help marginalized communities.

Proof-of-concept: Start simple. Getting started, FSB will select a small number of manageable Pilot Projects. As concepts, practices and funding develop FSB will take Pilot Project to full scale as appropriate.

Tactical (Specific):

  • Identify, document and adapt best economic, social, environmental, safety and legal practices in Artisanal and Small Scale Mining and their commercial footprints;
  • Identify technical needs that can be supplied in a cooperative format over district and regional scales;
  • Understand the capacity and challenges of the NGO community working with Artisanal and Small Scale Mining as well as those supporting enterprise-based activities in marginalized communities;
  • Establish and maintain relevant strategic partnerships. Serve as a mining-focused portal between standard practices and technologies and the formal economy. Specifically contribute boots-on-the-ground by providing veteran project leaders with extensive field experience in mineral sectors to address the unique needs of individual project communities;
  • Build capacity in communities with education to support commercial enterprises and a commitment to inclusiveness;
  • Proof-of-concept and continuous improvement. Identify and optimize several initial demonstration projects to enhance standard administrative and operating procedures, to provide training sites for future project staff, and to serve as examples of effectiveness in support of funding and strategic partnerships;
  • Take to scale. Be collaborative – rely on strategic partnerships with complimentary organizations and institutions whenever possible to efficiently realize our Vision. Use broad-based volunteer support. Particularly, adapt practices developed by Engineers Without Borders as well as agricultural NGOs including programs such as Farmer-2-Farmer.